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What it’s Like to Divorce in Your 20s

“This Is Divorce At…” is a HuffPost Divorce series delving into divorce at every stage of life.

Joelle Caputa, a HuffPost blogger shares what it was like to divorce in her 20s The twentysomething divorce.

My 14-month marriage ended when I was 28 years old. It was simultaneously the most terrifying and exhilarating experience of my life. By the time I was 29 and the papers were signed, my embarrassment had turned to rejuvenation.

Twenty-something divorcées are like members of an underground society. You know young divorce exists, but you don’t realize how many people are in the same situation until it happens to you.

Women divorced in their 20s initially view themselves as failures because all their friends are getting married and having babies while they are starting their lives over from scratch. They feel like they let down their family who paid for the wedding, etc.

It’s so awkward explaining to potential love interests why you’re divorced at such a young age and even harder for divorcées with children. This demographic often feels like they’ll never find a man their age willing to deal with all their “baggage.”

[But] divorce is the end of life as you knew it, not your life as it was meant to be. The end of your marriage is a beautiful opportunity to get everything in life that you want and deserve. We were all blessed with a clean slate and are making the most of our lives. Women should pat themselves on the back for being courageous enough to embark on such a journey at young age, whether or not the divorce was their decision.

What to do if you are Contemplating Divorce

If you are in your 20s and thinking about divorce, it’s important to know that most couples your age can divorce for as little as $375. This is because married couples can qualify for the most simple divorce called a Summary Dissolution (See below to see if you meet the Court’s qualifications).

Remember, when calling around to get quotes from divorce professionals, if they are telling you it’s going to cost you more than $375 to divorce, ask why. Ask them about a Summary Dissolution.

If you are still confused, give us a call and we’ll answer your questions. We also have a free Divorce Information Drop-in Clinic every Wednesday from 11:30-1:00 pm. This is not a class but an open time to just come in and meet privately with a divorce mediator for 15-20 minutes. It’s enough time to get the information you need. Feel free to e-mail us, Info@Dyvorce.com or call (858) 863-3380.

Also visit, www.StudentDivorce.com

Do you Qualify for the $450 Divorce?

Below is a checklist of criteria you MUST meet. Check this list very carefully. If even ONE of these statements is not true for you, you cannot get a divorce in this way.

  • Do you know where your spouse resides? If so, is your spouse willing to participate in the divorce with you? This process is a joint process and requires both spouse’s signatures in order to file.
  • We have been married five years or less.
  • No children were born to the two of us together before or during our marriage.
  • We have no adopted children under 18 years of age.
  • The wife is not pregnant.
  • Neither of us owns any part of any land or buildings.
  • Our community property is not worth more than $38,000.
  • Neither of us has separate property worth more than $38,000.
  • Debt: The total of our community obligations/Debt that we owe (other than vehicles) is $6,000 or less.
  • At least one of us has lived in California for the past six months or longer and has lived in the county where we are filing for dissolution for the past three months or longer.
  • We have prepared and signed an agreement that states how we want our possessions and debts to be divided between us (or states that we have no community property or community obligations).
  • We are both willing to sign the final document.
  • We both understand that after the divorce is final, neither of us has any right to expect money or support from the other except that which is included in the property settlement agreement.
  • ***Do not count cars or count car loans in this total.

If you agree to all of the items above, give us a call and we can get your complete divorce done

Our Fee: We charge only $450 for a simple divorce.

Court Fee: Aside from our fee, the Court charges you a fee to process and file your divorce documents ( $435). A check in this amount is written out directly to the Court. We attach it to your completed documentation and submit it for you. As a student with limited income, you may qualify for a fee waiver.

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