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Creating the support you deserve


We provide the needed support that you deserve during this transition time. We offer group support, one on one counseling services and workshops. During this time of transition we provide you with hope as you forge a new path in life.

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As quoted in Forbes magazine and the Wall Street Journal, The Divorce Help Clinic (a division of Pacific Coast Partnership, Inc.) is unique in that we only take on non-litigation clients. We focus on finding out-of-court appropriate solutions for tough decisions like custody, support, and finances. When people leave our office, they leave with an agreement that they fully understand, one that they have crafted together with their spouse and feel good about.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the divorce support services?

At The Divorce Help Clinic we provided support for services that may be needed either during the divorce process or after. Some services include:


This service is for clients who have just signed their Marital Settlement Agreement and need guidance on what to do next. You would meet one-on-one with an attorney mediator to create a clear task list and timeline for all the items that need to be completed now that the MSA is signed. Many tasks need to be completed after the MSA is signed and there are several different timeframes for those tasks. We have found a lot of people like to have support with this in creating a concise outline. Some examples (these are just examples to demonstrate some of the tasks):

  1. Have QDRO drafted and filed by QDRO attorney within days of signing MSA.
  2. List marital home on the market by
  3. Restructure Trust with Estate Planning attorney by

This service is offered by an attorney mediator at the rate of $250.00 an hour.


*Refreshments will be served*

This group will be facilitated by Alair Olson, Marriage Family Therapist. The intent of these support groups is to create a safe place to explore thoughts and feelings about separation/divorce, find support from others in similar situations and feel encouraged as well as equipped for the road ahead. Wherever that may lead!


Divorce Coaching can help maximize the effectiveness of mediation by enhancing your own skills as well as educate you on how to manage and respond to others while negotiating compromise. This guidance will help you utilize a thoughtful and systematic approach to help you acquire valuable fundamental skills used in decision making. By strengthening your decision making skills, you can bring more stability to both the process and your family.

These are one on one sessions that will provide you with useful resources to refine your skills in preparation of mediation.

Divorce Coaching to assist you in several different areas including:

  1. Understanding the structure and steps involved in mediation.
  2. Preparing for mediation by formulating specific proposals for issues likely presented at mediation.
  3. Acquire and practice skills for staying calm and confident for the mediation process in order to participate equally and constructively.
  4. Maximize your ability to become empowered through resolution as the decision makers in your own divorce.
  5. Learn conflict resolution skills to assist you in and out mediation.
  6. Reduce conflict within your own family so you can effectively and peacefully co-parent.

This service is conducted by one of our mediators at a cost of $250.00 an hour. You can reserve an appointment by calling: 858-750-1634.


Clients can meet one on one with a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) to set up and identify their budget prior to the mediation so they know what their needs are before negotiations begin. Clients can meet one on one with a CFP post-divorce to set up a budget moving forward in the next steps of their lives based on their income, support, retirement etc.

This service is conducted by a Certified Financial Planner at a cost of $250 an hour. You can reserve an appointment by calling: 858-863-3380.


All financial and personal discussions relating to you and your children will be kept private and your discussions are held in our mediation room.

What makes TDHC unique?


All our mediators are licensed attorneys in California. Some mediation firms have mediators that have their Juris Doctor (J.D) but are not licensed attorneys.


No billable hours for communication that is typically billed separate for (emails, phone calls, photo copies, fax, notary fee, legal courier).

What should I bring to my appointment?

Your case manager will follow up with you prior to your appointment to ensure you are prepared for your appointment. Each support service will require different preparation so your case manager will contact you prior to your session.

Will the divorce help clinic prepare or assist in preparing the legal documents?

Yes. The attorney mediator will prepare or assist in the preparation and filing of documents required by the court. The mediators will NOT provide legal advice, but will give legal information.

How much does divorce support cost?

The Divorce Help Clinic fee structure is:

  • Post agreement support: Hourly rate of $250 per party with an attorney mediator. All our attorney mediators are licensed attorneys in California.
  • Divorce Coaching: Hourly rate of $250 for individual session with mediator.
  • Budget Planning and Support: Hourly rate of $250 for individual session with Certified Financial Planner.
  • Co-ed Divorce or Separation support group: Hourly rate of $20 for group session with MFT.

There are no refunds for the services paid. The fee will be paid in full at the end of each session.

We do have a 48 hour cancelation policy. We hold that reserved date and time for your appointment and can’t offer it to any other client so we do require 48 hour notice for cancelling or rescheduling. If you do not cancel or reschedule within 48 hours prior to your appointment you will be charged for 1 (one) hour of the Attorney Mediators time he/she reserved for your session.

How long does it take to schedule an appointment?

We can typically get an appointment scheduled within a week. We offer afternoon and evening appointments to try and meet the needs of our clients who need appointment times for after work.

Can the attorney mediator give me legal advice?

The Divorce Help Clinic will provide parties with current, relevant legal INFORMATION regarding divorce in California but will not ADVISE the clients or make judgments on their behalf about what they should do with the legal information. The difference between providing legal information verse legal advice is that our attorney mediators can tell parties what the law says but not how they should use that information for their benefit because the mediator does NOT represent either party.