Welcome to the divorce resource page for San Diego licensed marriage and family therapists, psychologists, social workers and interns. Divorce impacts at least 50 percent of our community and I’m here to help you by giving you resources for your clients, and for you.

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Divorce Information Drop-In Clinic
This is a great place for your clients to get information when either thinking about divorce/separation, ready to start, or need help with anything related to divorce.

Divorce Mediation
Ninety eight percent of couples CAN divorce by using mediation.

Be Financially Prepared for Divorce
The decisions you make during your divorce will affect the rest of your life. But how do you know whether your divorce settlement will lead toward financial freedom or financial ruin down the road? It’s crucial that you get the right information so that you can make sound financial – not emotional – decisions. More



Q & A

TOPIC: Parental Kidnapping & Divorce

Q. My client is certain that divorce is in the near future. His wife wants to return to Turkey where she grew up. He’s afraid she will kidnap their child. Is there anything he can do to protect this from happening?

A. The way to protect the children from being taken out of the country is for him to file a divorce Petition. This will put automatic restraining orders in place, one of which is the requirement of getting his signed permission to travel with the kids. If she does, it will be considered kidnapping. If he does not file the Petition, it is not considered kidnapping and she can take the kids where she wants.

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