Nothing speaks louder than satisfied customers. Below are recent testaments from clients who used services through The Divorce Help Clinic:

Divorce Mediation Testimonials

“Thank you for your help, and the mannerism of your delivery. You made a very stressful situation peaceful and calming.”—San Diego, CA

“Thank YOU for the meeting today–I finally feel like I am in a good place after 7 months of HELL using attorneys to come to an agreement!! And I respect how you guys at The Divorce Help Clinic handle things!! To think we wasted $24,000 on our attorneys and the only think either of them had done up to now was file our petition. It wasn’t until my husband and I talked directly instead of through attorneys did we realize we were already in agreement. Thanks for taking our case. We see the end of the tunnel now. Thank you, again”.—K & L, San Diego, CA

“Wow, nice work! You rock!. After that intense mediation session about our complicated finances, you make it completely understandable! Great job! I still need to review it in detail, but it’s looking solid at this point. BTW, i like the blue-for-boy, pink-for-girl color-coding!” (comment regarding the first draft of their Marital Settlement Agreement)—Tom B, San Diego, CA

“Great experience. Suggest for anyone who has divorce in their lives. Interviewed a few mediators but liked this one the most.”—Brian S, San Diego, CA

“I really appreciate how you have helped me (and my wife) in mediation. You were very genuine to me, beyond a business standpoint. Just want to thank you for your help so far and will no doubt recommend you to any poor soul who has to go through this crap…thanks again and have a great week.” —San Diego, CA

“I truly am thankful that we were referred to your company … In just 90 minutes you were able to help us figure out so much, I feel like we made such good progress. You made everything so easy and you were very helpful and knowledgeable. When we were walking out my husband literally called you “a God-send.”—San Diego, CA

“Thanks! There are so many things that just haven’t occurred to me yet. Your expertise is so appreciated. I really had no idea that mediation would help me to plan my needed economic future. I am glad that we have found you to help us through this.” —Business Owner, San Diego, CA

“I must tell you that our mediator is wonderful and was able to help us get through this very tough time of ending our marriage. It was a powerful process and highly effective way to divide our assets.” —Executives, Orange County, CA

“You were a real beacon of light in a most needed time.”—Supply Industry, La Jolla, CA

“I just want to tell you how appreciative I am for all you’ve done to help me…us…thru this ordeal. THANK YOU! We were very lucky and blessed to have found you!” —R & M, Poway, CA

“This has been extremely helpful. You’ve cleared a lot of things up for me and now I have a plan of action so I don’t lose my kids. I wish I had come to see you for my first divorce. I’m sure the outcome would have been a lot different if I’d come to see you back then. Thank you.”—CEO, Rancho Santa Fe, CA  

“Thank you for your positive, supportive, and encouraging way; It is greatly appreciated.” —Healthcare, Carlsbad, CA  

“Thank you so much for all of the information and for the time you spent with me this morning. It was extremely informative and helpful. The environment you have created made me feel safe and comfortable talking to you. I really appreciate it! You are great at what you do and I will DEFINITELY refer you to anyone I come across that I think will benefit from your services.”Business Owner, Encinitas, CA

“Thanks for meeting with me on such short notice. It was SO helpful and undoubtedly prevented me from making some costly mistakes! I feel like I know what I need to do now–thank you for that!”—San Diego, CA

“Thanks so much! You really helped me!—Banking, San Diego, CA

“You have been so wonderful and helpful through this trying time. As you know this has been difficult for both me and my family. I have had some very involved discussions with my wife and have made some head way. It is well worth again giving it a chance, thus my lack of communication. Again, thank you as I know you are there if there is a need.”—Director, San Diego, CA

Parenting Plan Mediation

“You were very helpful to me and appreciate everything that you have done for me!”Camp Pendleton, CA



Media Reviews

“No one does this! Great idea. I’ll have to have you on my show again.”
–Andrew Scher, Co-Executive Producer at CBS/Paramount

“Your approach is systematic…like a wedding planner. Smart!”
–Jay Jones, Executive Producer Fox 5 San Diego

“Nancy Fagan is a Genius…A Pioneer in the Field of Pre-Divorce Planning.”
Phillip Randall

“The Martha Stewart of Divorce Planners”
Annette L. Garvey

“Unparalleled Experience”
–Michael A. Stensrud

“A Ground Breaker”
–Elijah T. Bliss

“A Giant in her Field”
–Murphy Thomas Bridday


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