When San Diego couples have insurmountable problems, they commonly consider breaking up as theonly solution. What they don’t know—there is another solution—Pre-Marriage Mediation. So before you call call it quits, let The Divorce Help Clinic get you back on solid ground so your relationship can move forward. As an expert quoted in Forbes Magazine, we are not in the business of emotions, but of getting to the point of the matter and/or telling you what you need to do.

What is Pre-Marital Mediation?

Pre-Marital Mediation helps couples stay together by helping them find solutions to unresolved conflict. We don’t waste your time, or ours. We get right down to business and confront the real issues head on. Solutions are generated using individual strengths, rather than weaknesses, to resolve problems. Fatal flaws are examined and choices are made using a short-term, focused process that uses dispute resolution techniques in a problem-solving manner. This helps to break impasses and improving the couple’s skills.

It is NOT Couple’s Counseling

Pre-Marriage Mediation is not relationship counseling. In fact, the two are very different. Pre-Marriage Mediation does NOT explore feelings, emotions, family history or “pathologize” issues. Instead, problems are identified, tradeoffs made and solutions agreed upon. The process brings about behavioral change, rather than internal change (based on insight) as with couples counseling. The goal of the mediation process is to assist each person in recognizing their own solutions. Agreements that are jointly made are more stable and people are more likely to uphold them.

The “Relationship Agreement” Document

Once Pre-Marriage Mediation sessions are concluded, the next step is to get it in writing. It’s human nature to revert back to old habits. To prevent that from happening, once agreements have been made they will be memorialized in a written contract, called a “Memorandum of Understanding.” This will be a document to keep conflict at bay and keep you moving forward in your relationship.

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