The Divorce Help Clinic can help you make important decisions for your family pet with the use of pet mediation. Decisions will be included in your final Marital Settlement Agreement.

Pet Visitation Schedules. Don’t forget your precious pets during divorce. They don’t have to end up with one “parent.” Instead, setting up a formal agreement about shared visitation can be as detailed as some people make for their children. For people who love their pets, putting your pet’s interest first will make a better life for everyone.

Your pet is a valuable part of the family and has physical and emotional needs just like everyone else in your family. Because your furry friend cannot speak for him/herself, I want you to step past your emotions over your break up and think what is best for your pet. Below is just a starting point of the issues to help you create your pet visitation and custody agreement between you and your partner.

  • Are there any concerns you have about your pet?
  • What kind of relationship does your pet have with each family member?
  • How will you handle the responsibility for making major decisions for your pet’s welfare?
  • Are both households pet-friendly?
  • Decide how Explain your pet will be handed off for visitation periods.

Article: Pet Custody

More than half of all marriages end in divorce, and, aside from child custody battles, few decisions can be tougher than determining the custody of the family pet. The process of deciding what happens “Wags” or “Pal” does not have to be heart-wrenching if you follow the following four tips to avoid tearing the family pet in half.

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