The Divorce Help Clinic (a division of Pacific Coast Partnership, Inc.) is unique in that we only mediate and never litigate. We focus on finding out-of-court appropriate solutions for tough decisions like parenting plan, support, and finances. When people leave our office, they leave with a divorce settlement agreement that they fully understand, one that they have crafted together with their spouse and can live with. Divorce Mediator Qualifications All of the attorney mediators at The Divorce Help Clinic have their law degrees from ABA (American Bar Association) accredited law schools, are LICENSED attorneys in California, strong experience in family law, and have specific training in DIVORCE mediation. These are qualities that make us stand out against our competitors. Mediator Matching:We have a diverse group of mediators.  Having a mediator you feel comfortable with is important. What is Divorce Mediation? It is an alternative to hiring expensive attorneys to get a divorce. Mediation allows you and your spouse to work with one of our law-degreed divorce mediators to negotiate all issues including child custody, support, and property division, working cooperatively, calmly and fairly to come to an Agreement you and your spouse can agree on.

Divorce Mediation is:

Mediation DOES the Full Divorce from Start to Finish. A common misconception is that mediation only completes part of the divorce process. The Divorce Help Clinic is a full service mediation firm, near Qualcomm. We do everything from filing the initial court documents, assist the couple to make decisions on support, division of finances as well as debt, and custody and visitation. In addition, we complete the legal documentation, notarize the final Marital Settlement Agreement and file everything with the court. Best of all, you and your spouse never have to go to court.

Free Mediation Consultation. We offer a free in person 30-minute mediation consultation for you and your spouse to come in and get your questions answered.  Both parties are required to attend the consultation to ensure they receive the information needed to determine if mediation is appropriate for them.

How Mediation Works As a couple you meet with a mediator to dissolve a marriage, both individually and together. This helps to focus on identifying the situation, on what’s important to everyone concerned, and on what possibilities there are for improvement. It is the mediator’s job to help you talk together directly in a way that gets you to the divorce solutions you need.  The process is quick and efficient. Why Mediation Works Mediation works because it’s designed from the start to reach an agreement. Everyone is kept on track toward getting to the decision you can all agree on. It works because you have the assistance of a trained, professional mediator. The mediation is structured to create a different quality of discussion. Instead of debating about what might happen in court, you talk about what’s important to you. Instead of arguing over legal rights and obligations, you identify your priorities. Instead of exchanging threats, you exchange ideas. Instead of weighing what a judge might do, you weigh options.

“In mediation, the private issues discussed in session as well as your personal and business finances are kept out of public records. When using attorneys to obtain a divorce, nothing is private. Anyone can access your information.”

What if we can’t Agree? People can reach productive solutions even when they don’t see eye-to-eye. Sustainable solutions come from collaborative negotiations. Having frank discussions about what it is going to take to come to agreement is not an easy process. Couples who can’t agree outside of mediation have high success in mediation because a mediator guides you through. Will a Mediated Divorce be Private? The entire process of mediation is done discretely and confidentially. To read more about Divorce-Mediation If you have minor children, our divorce-mediators will help you create a co-parenting plan (a.k.a. child-custody-and-visitation schedule) that makes your children’s welfare the top priority. Is Divorce Mediation for you? Get started. Call to speak with us personally or to schedule a free 30-minute consultation, 858-863-3380.

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