Bibliotherapy is an old concept in library science. The ancient Greeks maintained that literature was psychologically and spiritually important, posting a sign above their library doors describing itself as a “healing place for the soul.”

The basic concept behind bibliotherapy is that reading is a healing experience. Bibliotherapy can assist adults as they go through the divorce process by reducing their feelings of isolation, helplessness, fear and teaching new ways to problem solve.

Divorce Books for Adults

Divorce For Dummies by John Ventura, Mary Reed

Divorce & Money: How to Make the Best Financial Decisions During Divorce by Violet Woodhouse, Dale Fetherling

Handling Emotions

Healthy Divorce: Keys to Ending Your Marriage While Preserving Your Emotional Well-Beingby Lois Gold

“Why Did you Have to Get a Divorce” By Anthony Wolf


The Good Divorce: Keeping Your Family Together When Your Marriage Falls Apart by Constance Ahrons
Divorce Poison: How to Protect Your Family from Bad-mouthing and Brainwashing by Richard A. Warshak

Spiritual Divorce: Divorce as a Catalyst for an Extraordinary Life by Debbie Ford
Transformational Divorce: Discover Yourself, Reclaim Your Dreams… by Karen Kahn Wilson

Moving On
Making Divorce Work: 8 Essential Keys to Resolving Conflict and Rebuilding Your Life by Diana Mercer, Katie Jane Wennechuk
Surviving Separation And Divorce: A Woman’s Guide to Regaining Control… by Loriann Hoff Oberlin

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